About us...

@models.that.eat started as a food account on Instagram by Phoebe Pojo in 2016. Over time, the carefree platform created to post food pictures during downtime between castings, transformed into a multi-platform discussing body image and stigmas around diet and health in the fashion industry.



models that eat utilizes mixed media to share models' and public figures' personalities and stories, all over the comfort of food. The YouTube channel is now a hub for new discussions with food-related videos, including a documentary series entitled "Dine n Dash" where models explain their personal relationships with food over a meal at their restaurant of choice. On top of video content, Pojo creates behind-the-scenes 35mm film coverage of photoshoots, campaigns, and social events relevant to the brand.






Pojo named the platform "models that eat" rather than "models who eat", as an acknowledgement of the typical objectification of fashion models, as well as many media personalities that contribute to the page. 

models that eat is a collaborative platform, and is always looking to involve the community. Phoebe can be reached at modelsthateat@gmail.com.