Dine n Dash, episode 8: Natalia Castellar Calvani

To wrap up 2018, we've got the final Dine n Dash episode of the year...and I couldn't be happier to wrap the year up with the lovely Natalia Castellar Calvani. Today, we sit down at Blaze Pizza for a casual convo with Natalia about her personal experiences with body image issues in fashion, when her eyebrows broke the internet, and learning to habitually practice self love.

I want to say thank you to everyone who showed love to this series this year, as it has been such a beautiful outlet for me and my friends to share our stories and start important dialogues through social media. It's a blessing to be able to share these conversations on a safe platform that is non-exploitive and whole-heartedly existing to help others. I cannot wait to bring you more Dine n Dash episodes throughout the new year!

If you want to eat that pizza, eat! That! Pizza!
— Natalia Castellar Calvani
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