Dine n Dash, episode 4: Gabby Richardson

After every video I create and publish, I see the horizon of Models That Eat expand more and more into the beautiful image I've always imagined it to be: a diverse, vivid image of what honesty in our industry looks like. At the end of the day, fashion is built off of thousands of people's shoulders, people that are willing to pull the weight, for the love of the art form or in hope of personal fulfillment. 

Regardless of our drive that keeps us in the modeling industry, there are people that tug the weight with us, but don't even know it. Consumers of social media, advertisements, press, etc., aren't always aware of the sacrifices they make. I would never want to discredit those of us consciously working hard to "succeed" as models and make ends meet... but at the end of the day, there is still a part of me that feels sorry for the subconsciously influenced general public. Everything they see, think, and do is because of our subliminal discretion. I want this series to help them build a profile around the people they follow and are influenced by--- a profile that personifies the model.

Every individual that takes time to open up to me about their personal battles, on camera, is a superhero in my eyes. Dine n Dash started because of a personal epiphany I had--- I realized, that although we all work in the same industry, we are not the same. None of us. There isn't one person I know that has the same mental, emotional, and physical health journey as myself. Now, don't get me wrong, some people may be in similar positions as me at this point in time (possibly testing out a new physical activity regimen, also dappling with plant-based living?), but there's no way in hell that we have taken the same road here. Each of us are extremely unique individuals-- despite how castings may make us feel, when we walk into a room of fifty other brunettes who are all eye-level with us, and also have a birth mark in the same spot. It doesn't matter.

Dine n Dash is to show exactly that. Put us in a box? Yes, you are granted permission. We all have possibly the most unconventional career path on the planet. But, above all, we must recognize each individual as an individual. Their personal struggles are valid! Their journey is valid! If there's anything I want the YouTube channel to portray, it's the beauty in authenticity. We can be vocal, tell our truths, and simultaneously hustle in our community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Talking about your journey doesn't make you weak--- vulnerable, maybe---but never weak. It's the strongest thing you can do! 

Anyways, enough of a rant. Today's episode brings me an extreme amount of joy. Gabby is a close friend of mine, whom I became very close with during a trip to Los Angeles with a group of friends back in October (remember?). Ever since, she's been a beacon of positive energy in my life, and possibly the most contagious person I've met--- her smile, her laugh, her stories, you feel it all! (And, of course, a badass model. I'm obsessed.)

For episode 4 of Dine n Dash, Gabs took me to her favorite vegan spot in Park Slope, and opened up about industry stigmas surrounding curve models, as well as micro aggressions she faces as a black woman on set. She also talked about the heaviest topic of all: vegetarianism...

...I kid. But, seriously. I hope this episode can open people's eyes to pressures that I know I never would've otherwise understood. To close off, I'd like to acknowledge one of my favorite quotes from our dialogue:

“It’s up to my body to decide what I look like, it is not up to me.”

- Gabby Richardson

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