Dine n Dash, episode 5: Bebe Howell

This video may or may not have a secondary title of "Bebe, I'm Sorry I'm The Worst, Please Forgive Me I Love You." That's because Bebe and I have whole-heartedly filmed this video three times since our first take in February. FEBRUARY. TODAY IS JUNE 12TH. I have no excuse for this type of insanity. What I will say is, a lot of heart and soul went into this episode of Dine n Dash.

Bebe and I have been close friends since the day we met at our former agency. I remember it vividly: we were sitting next to each other on the communal couch in silence for about 10 minutes, until our agent casually came over and dropped the bomb: "Hey, you two are both from Jersey!" At that moment, we looked at each other, and at the exact same moment, stuck our tongues out in Cardi B fashion and immediately began discussing everything Jersey has to offer: DJ Lil Man, DJ Lil Taj, DJ---- Okay, fine, New Jersey only provides Jersey Club music. There's no shame in that. We immediately became best friends.

Now, you think at this point Bebe would hate me. I've been meaning to get her on the channel for a while, and Dine n Dash was the best way for me to really show you guys what Bebz is all about. However, every time we attempted to film this episode, something shifted. It started with a dinner at Peacefood Cafe accompanied by Anajah, where we all bonded over the killer clown epidemic that happened in North Jersey during late high school. Our next attempt was at some point late April, where Bebe and I took to the Upper East Side and toured their very sad number of acai bowl options (pro filming tip: don't choose a location where they are known for blending stuff. You will hate yourself in post.)

But by that convo in the lobby of an UES Equinox's Juice Press, Bebe had an epiphany about her body image. My constant struggle to film and produce a valid episode gave Bebz a lot of time to think about my questions for her, and her answers. Somewhere along the way, we accidentally opened a deeper dialogue, one that I couldn't be prouder or happier to share.

Bebe, thank you. I know that's vague as hell, but just thank you. I couldn't relate more to your journey of sudden understanding involving body dysmorphia in your life. My journey to realization felt very similar to yours--- it almost seems like I became self-aware over night. I'm so damn proud to have grown up in the industry next to you, and you couldn't be more of a role model. 

"My body changing is paralleling the growth I am going through in life." -Bebe Howell

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