Redefining Your Creative Space and Prioritizing Your Passion

One of the first Models That Eat mood boards I created in my favorite journal!

One of the first Models That Eat mood boards I created in my favorite journal!

When I reflect on the first seven months of 2019, I am overwhelmed with disbelief and joy. It’s hard to believe how many adventures, friends, experiences, and life-changing miracles have happened in such a compact amount of time…

Okay, that sentence just screams cliché. Don’t get me wrong, it is. There is nothing groundbreaking and unique about saying, “WoW tHiS yEaR cHaNgEd Me”… um, of course, it did! Unless you have been sitting under a rock all year (which, even if that’s the case, your life has pivoted because of that very action), you have been rolling with the punches and taking what life has been throwing at you. And I commend you for that, may I say! It is a conscious and difficult decision we make to show up every single day, hustling and inventing our best lives.

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I rang in the New Year working at a creative agency based in New York. I dedicated my days and nights to content production for the agency’s platform, brands, and social media. I made friends, learned new skills, laughed, cried, commuted, had a few minor mental breakdowns, and so on. It was the typical start-up experience, with the addition of some incredible clients like Rise Brewing Co (nitro cold brew oat milk latte for the win). Throughout my time there, however, something wasn’t right. I felt a part of me slowly dying…

(Okay, that’s harsh, but sort of true? Not like it was anyone at my job’s fault – this feeling came from a lack of feeding my soul. Nobody can do that for me but me. We are NOT playing the victim in 2019!)

I found that the part of me I had been neglecting was Models That Eat. I had put my channel on the back burner, letting it sit and build up resentment towards me…or, a more likely reality being the other way around. I felt so much anxiety around creating, especially filming. It’s something to this day I am trying to dissect and unravel. There’s no point in being on edge about the artistic (and ever-so abundant) unknown! The best we can do, as creative beings, is to keep an open mind and allow ourselves to release this energy. Whatever the outlet may be, whether its art, therapy, fitness, socializing, etc., it’s crucial we listen to what our bodies need. It was my turn to take a hint a few weeks before my trip to Tokyo.

I had set such incredible intentions for that trip, and I knew that it was the power-up that I needed to reboot the platform. It would be bringing Models That Eat to a new level, let alone an entirely new continent! The trip fed my soul in so many more ways than one (hello, Japanese curry. Our love runs so deep.) I knew that to be present and engage the way I needed to on that trip, I would have to be very serious about what it is I wanted in my life. So, I left my job.

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When we put all of our (vegan? oh, well) eggs in one basket – especially those gosh darn creative eggs – there is no balance. Add zero time management and lack of social life onto that, and you’ve got yourself a messy situation. It took a real introduction to therapy and dissection of what I wanted for myself, to realize I needed to work on this platform and focus on productive content in this space.

My dream is to be able to story tell in such a way that people see the value in honesty, especially when we discuss real struggle, exploitation, eating disorders, and misconduct in the workplace. I feel like there’s a lot riding on the conversations we are having. That is because we have so much work to be done that I am aware of, but I tend to have trouble communicating on Models That Eat at a consistent rate.

The models who chat with me on camera are just a small percentage of those that experience intense struggles and problems within this industry. The people you hear from are the brave ones! They are a part of the movement meant to empower everyone. The fashion industry strives off of exploitation, and spaces like this one are meant to spark positive change in an industry that needs it the most. Leaving this project in the dark feels not only like a disservice to myself, but to everyone else that considers themselves a “consumer of media”. The power we hold needs to be liberated, and I’m now seeing the importance of my voice being heard.

I am so excited to finally dedicate my time to Models That Eat and create the platform I know it can/will be. Let the games begin!



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