Dine n Dash, episode 9: Tanner Zagarino

Clearly, I have some updating to do on the blog. This episode dropped way back when, but it never hurts to revisit a face as sweet as this one, am I right, guys?!

This Dine n Dash is very special to me – episode 9 is with my baby boy Tanner Zagarino. Tanner talks about his current diet, his body image tug-of-war between modeling and wrestling, being judged for his presence online, and how diet is all about moderation. I love this kid SO. MUCH.

Hope you enjoy this new male perspective on the platform! I’m super pumped about this talk – Tanner and I have always had interesting convos around our diets and lifestyles, so I’m happy to finally shed a light on this special friendship in my life.

Dieting ain’t Jenga!
— Tanner Zagarino



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