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What is “Food On A Model”?

“Food On A Model” is an ongoing collaboration between models that eat and Food On A Photograph, a photo series by chef and food stylist Kaoru Mitsui. Food On A Photograph is a series of portraits and images styled by Kaoru, creating colorful and intricate articles of clothing out of edible ingredients. Her project initially launched through the form of an independent zine, sold both in New York City and Tokyo, Japan.

With this collaboration, Pojo and Kaoru explore the diets of models and their personal relationships with food through photographs (by Phoebe Pojo) of intimate dinners with each model, diving into conversations about their history with food and their bodies. Afterwards, the images are garnished by Kaoru in her food-styling studio, where she creates intricate garments on each model using ingredients relevant to each individual and their stories.

“Food On A Model” made its debut in Tokyo during a five-day exhibition in April 2019, funded and hosted by Anna Magazine. The collaboration also made its first print appearance in Anna Magazine’s 13th volume over 14 pages as a special feature.

Photos of “Food On A Model” exhibition in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, April 2019. Shot by Toshio Ohno.