Hey, I'm Phoebe! You may also know me as Pojo. I'm eighteen years old, from New Jersey, and I've been modeling for five years. Some would call me a random model that they follow on the gram. Regardless, it's nice to meet you. Welcome to my multi-media community: models that eat!



models that eat! It started as my food account on Instagram, back in early 2016. I began to share countless meals, snack ideas, and pictures of my friends that are models (and role models, alike) having fun. In that time, I also transitioned to a plant-based, vegan diet, which brought a sense of ethical awareness to the page. Overall, the account was just a effortless outlet for me to share what my friends and I love to do-- eat!

With time, @models.that.eat has expanded to YouTube, and now it has allowed me to connect with my following on a new and progressive level!

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Great question! The whole point of this platform is to give context to the people you see on magazine covers, in fashion campaigns, and on your screens. Although the modeling and fashion industries directly affect the media that is consumed by millions of people, the content created and distributed always lacks a backstory, and never truly informs the consumer what it is they are being influenced by, or how the images came to be. At the end of the day, that content is for sales, not to positively reflect on the people you see in the pictures, or to show you that models have diverse and different lifestyles from one another.

 No prior knowledge of the faces that define universal beauty standards skew our thoughts on our own personal body images. To know the people we see online, to be aware of their habits, personalities, and ways of life, is to give consumers the context they deserve. models that eat is the safe space that redefines and informs!


...but don't you mean "models who eat"?

Okay, okay, I've gotten this question quite a bit. Hear me out real quick:


At this point in time, most of the media that models are engaged in lacks that authentic "who" factor. "models that eat" acknowledges the way in which models are stripped of their personable traits as a result of their occupation-- traits that are crucial to be shown on their platforms for the sake of humanizing themselves.

models that eat is by models for models, consumers, and clients. To bring authenticity to our industry is to change it for the better. Everyone benefits from pushing authentic messages on our platforms. I hope you stick around and eat with us!